Enjoy Japanese gardens
through the seasons.

Enjoy all four seasons in one moment at
a Japanese garden with Wonder Garden.

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A natural microcosm
to enjoy the seasons

Japan is a country of beautiful landscapes, culinary delights, traditional arts, anime, video games and much more, but perhaps one particular element that should be thoroughly experienced is the beauty of its four seasons.
And one of the best places to fully appreciate them in a condensed version is a Japanese garden.
There are currently more than 500 Japanese gardens in about 100 countries across the globe. Japanese gardens are like natural microcosms where water, trees, stones and other features are combined in a perfect harmony. And with plants that vary according to the seasons, they offer plenty more to discover.

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One season is not enough

However, visitors to Japan from overseas cannot stay all year long.
The season when one visits is of course a wonderful opportunity to be appreciated,
but what if you could contemplate the same garden’s beauty
at different seasons without having to come back?
It’s now possible with this app.


Includes four gardens in Tokyo:
Koishikawa Korakuen, Hamarikyu Gardens, Rikugien, and Kyu Shiba Rikyu Gardens.

Features the highlights
from each garden.

Offers descriptions of the plants
that are present according to seasons.

Equipped with a unique function that makes use of 360º video to allow users to view the seamless shift between seasons at the garden they are currently visiting through their device’s camera.

Works in seven languages
(Japanese, English, Korean, Spanish, French, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese.)